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For the funding post, if you have any questions post them there, and if you have any general comments post them here.

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Matt! Keep up the great work! WordPress, Akismet, and everything associated with the WP community has made maintaining my blog/site so much more about the content and less about the maintenance. Whenever I have new friends ask how to get into blogging I point them to, and I hope to see it continue to scale to the tons of new users that will signup as more and more people are turned onto the power of blogging.


Awesome! This ensures Akismet will have a long, healthy life. =D If it wasn’t for Akismet, I’d be spending more time dealing with spam and less time blogging about the stuff I love.

btw matt, barcamp houston has been moved to june 10th 😛

Congrats Matt and I appreciate your approach to the funding. To me it’s a sign of a guy whose primary goal is to build a business, not get rich. Not that there’s anything wrong with being wealthy, but folks you put that first worry me. At thepodcastnetwork we’ve been using wordpress for a year and appreciate enormously what you’ve made available. We’re about to move to multi-user and, again, incredibly appreciative of what you have enabled us to do. You’re continued success will help us succeed by providing the tools for us to build our business on. If you’re ever in Australia, the beers are on me mate.

Congrats, Matt! I remember when we met in San Francisco at Border’s bookstore and I saw a gleam in your eye that said “I’m taking WordPress exactly where I want it to go.” It sounds like the money you’ve taken will be put to good use so you can grow WordPress the way you want to. Right on! Wishing you much continued success…