I shaved my head. Just trying out something new.

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Is it me, or does it look like he opted to shave his head rather than his face… Is that a little fuzz growing on that chin?

You do look older, though. And slightly less nerd-ish, whether that’s a good or bad thing…

Along with the title of your post, if someone accidentally (and innocently) mentions the word “pussy” (like in “pussycat”) in the comments, you’re going to start getting some visits from weird Google searches…


I shaved my head back in, oh, 2002 or so. We thought it would be funny to videotape it and then post an edited version to our family web site. That was in February.

One July day, I was sifting through our logs and discovered a bump. Well, a surge. Well, a MASSIVE FREAKIN’ TSUNAMI.

Inside of two days, more than 1,100 people had downloaded the video… and all of them came from one site: the Buzzboard, which bills itself as “a PG-rated site about guys’ haircuts.” An enthusiast on that site had linked to our video, and suddenly I was the flavour of the month. (Once I overcame my overwhelming surprise, I had to admit the comments were very flattering.)

Every now and then, there’s another huge surge in traffic as another hair-cutting or head-shaving enthusiast community discovers or rediscovers the clip. I suppose I should AdSense it, but I can’t help but feel that crosses some kind of line…

I started shaving my head last year (and still am). I loved it, and my girlfriend loved it, and I loved the extra $10 a month I was saving (as I can do it myself). Looks good on you, although I’d say go even shorter. 🙂

When I read this post, I was going to claim that I was the person who inspired you to shave your head. I was even going to post photo evidence – which could possibly have started a series of “I’ve done it too!” posts from all over the world. But when I clicked the link, my plan was crushed. You still have a whole lot of hair on your head. Too bad. 🙂