Open Source Legal Docs

Not technically open source, because I don't know which license is best for regular text, but I just put a Creative Commons Sharealike license on the terms of service and Automattic privacy policy. People were stealing them anyway, might as well make it legit. 🙂 Feel free to grab bits and pieces and search/replace your company/project in. If you want to throw us a link as a thank you, I'd be flattered.

8 thoughts on “Open Source Legal Docs

  1. I have never understood why people steal privacy policies becuase there are several FREE services that allow you to create one. There is even one service which for $35 will have one drafted by a “lawyer.”

  2. Technically, none of the Creative Commons licenses are “open source”, if by “open source” you mean “OSI-certified”. Also, none of them are Free Software (according to the Free Software Foundation), and none of them comply with the Debian Free Software Guidelines (according to debian-legal).

    I’ve used the GPL for documentation; just make it clear what the original material (“source code”) is. If that’s just XHTML, so be it.

    You can also look at the FreeBSD Documentation License.

  3. I hope to give you some help. I know that the FDL (Free Documentation License), which has created a lot of problems, will be substituted by FSF with a new License for elettronic text in second-term of 2007.
    I can tell you more but the new license will solve a lot of problems of Creative Commons too; which in some points are confusing about the freedom which want to defend.
    Thanks for your attention.