New Spam Stats

Akismet has a new spam and ham stats zeitgeist page, guess which is bigger. Not an inspiring trend.

11 thoughts on “New Spam Stats

  1. Yikes. But it’s definitely representative of my own experience (I’m using the SK2 with Akismet plugin for WP… with the two of them, it definitely keeps out most of the spam!). I’d say that ratio is only going to get worse, too.

  2. Its stats like this that make me seriously consider some type of retroactive response in terms of stalling connections, etc. But then you can end up DoSing yourself. I watch the spam flood in with a few legit comments and am thankful my server can easily handle it. But its seems like such a waste of resources to process hundreds of spam a day for a dozen or so legit comments.

    SK2 and Akismet are an amazing pair.

  3. Is there any chance the graph will somehow show the number of blogs that are using Akismet? Would be nice to know/see if the exponential growth is linked to an exponential growth in users, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  4. The graph is most definitely representative of my recent experience. In the past three to six months, I’ve seen an explosion in comment spam.

    On one of my blogs (the one linked), I had seen very little comment spam — then I upgraded from WP 1.5.1 to 2.0.2. Instant spamathon. I was grateful to be able to turn Akismet on with no hassle, but I wonder why the spam started immediately upon upgrade.