Web 2.0 Band

I’m going to start a Web 2.0 band, thinking about calling it “The Standards.” Any other name ideas? Hat tip: Glenda.

38 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Band

  1. AJAX for “AJAX Just Ain’t XML”…? Nah, that’s lame. How about “Effect.new()”? Or “the New Effects”.

    Wow, I guess I’m really bad at this. 😉


  2. AJAX + MIDI.
    Umm… awesome? :-S

    I’ve recently been exploring collaborative MIDI via the web for the queensland conservitorium of music and ended up walking away from the idea. It is very much possible, but the only tools that seem up to the task are MM Director and the SequenceXtra plugin. After two weeks of smacking my head against the wall (aka coding Lingo) I decided to put the whole idea to rest due to the fact Director and Lingo are lumbering beasts and should be left to die.

    So in theory (and if you were keen on rigging a mic+midi converter to your sax) you could have a true Web2.0 band where everyone is in different places and collaborating on a track via a web-based sequencing app.
    Jamming would be somewhat difficult though!

  3. The RSS
    Return of The Valley
    Digg It

    Good news is Murdoch will buy you for $500 mil, beats the contract the clash got from CBS back in the day. But you still won’t own the masters 😉

  4. You want somthing original, a play on words or a ply on a real name. har.moni.us and Rockr are good. What about:
    Dog Tags
    Tag Cloud 9 as in “he’s on cloud 9” you would need 9 band players. 🙂

  5. Permanent Beta
    The Diagonal Stripes
    Matt Mullenweg and the Web 2.0 Experience
    cAMEL cASE
    White Screen of Death
    Music on Rails

  6. Hey Matt…What’s it take to join?

    I have *ahem* talent!

    For names?

    Comment This out….

    The logo would be a given…

  7. Many themes touched on above, but here are the names that jumped to mind:

    The Rounded Corners and Subtle Gradients
    Diggy McDigg and the YouTubes
    Gathered Around The Campfire At The Basecamp (With My Backpack On)

  8. Gathered Around The Campfire At The Basecamp (With My Backpack On) – This would be a great song title though. xD