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You can now get an account on without creating a blog, something people have been asking for a fair amount.

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This sure will cut down on the number of ‘fake’ blogs just to get an API key.

Although I am sure it wouldn’t have hurt the overall statistics on the number of new/total blogs on 🙂

Yeah, but the # of new blogs on doesn’t really need help. I think it will increase the total signups without changing the blog number too much.

Funny enough I must have been one of the first users that registered since then – I didn’t know that it was only since yesterday !

That might explain why I couldn’t see my Account/Profile details yesterday, even though I was registered. The links were going nowhere (at the time).

I got the api key in the end from the second mail that was sent to me (and was very glad – I’ve been getting 20 to 30 spam every 2,3 hours or so).

Akismet really works !

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okay, i decided to give it a go and deleted the blog, i can still log in and the api key gives me no errors.

i then decided to set up a new account without a blog, using my name and not the name of the old blog, works fine, but i can’t find an Akismet api key for this new account, all i can do i start a blog.

Thanks Matt. This has been really handy as I’ve started using Akismet to fight the recent deluge of trackback spam.

One suggestion though: could you allow users sans blog to 1) change their passwords and 2) view their Akismet keys? Right now clicking “My Account” just gives you the blog signup page.

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