New WordPress Theme Directory

Thomas Silkjær has put together an awesome new WordPress theme directory with uploading, tags, voting, download counters, and more. I hear there is even more on the way.

14 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme Directory

  1. Any chances much of these skins will make it into’s themes list (if they’re not already there)? Just curious ’cause I kinda like some of them.

  2. Draco, every week or so we pick one or two of the best themes out there to add to If there is one in particular you’d like to see, just request it via the feedback form.

  3. OK may not bugs, but just usability issues on my end. My main problem was when clicking “Test Run” you have no idea what “Number” the theme is. i.e. When I open Scatter 1.0, which is at the top left currently, by clicking the image I am taken to the theme page, when I click “Test Run” I get a representation of the theme in real life, but if I open multiple tabs in Firefox and I can’t tell which one I need to click on the main page when I find one I life. Does this make sense?
    Try opening several test runs in Firefox, move around on the main page to page 2, 3, etc. Then try to find the themes you’ve opened. A small thing, but it gave me some frustrations last night at 3am.
    Still a great site, and I’m sure I’ll use it more in the future.

  4. Michael, everytime you press test run it opens the exact same URL and overwrites a cookie on your computer – this means that you cant have multiple “test runs” open and be able to browse around them to test themes – cause the last “test run” you opened would overwrite the others.. hrm.. weird sentence..

  5. That brings up an interesting point, it would be great to have “permalinks” for themes, so without a cookie you could link to one as a permanent and canonical example of a theme.