11 thoughts on “Airborne Mythes

  1. My pharmacist fiance laughs every time we walk past a supermarket isle with airborne on it. However, I have found that most believers of the Airborne phenomenon are very antagonistic towards naysayers.

  2. What the…? Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to the media (or maybe the product concerned hasn’t passed the necessary trials to be sold here in the UK), but I’d never even heard of the product…

  3. I’ve never heard of Airborne, what is it? If homeopathy and reflexology etc are part of a scam and quackery then consider me fooled too. I wouldn’t try to cure cancer with it but for pain relief and general well-being some of the alternative medicines do work.
    Before my wedding I was completely run down and stressed with all the running about. I had one session of reflexology, slept like a baby that night, and felt more relaxed the next day.

    Oh, and yes, Citricidal is great 🙂

  4. I know many people that have sworn by Airborne for years – I’m surprised so many people haven’t heard of it before. I’ve never tried it myself, but everyone I know that has says it works well.