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Some days don't you want to just blacklist all of .info? More spam there than anything else except maybe .com or .be, and certainly a higher percentage than any other top-level domain.

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  1. Agreed but I have too many clients of mine that use them. Heck, they’re still cheap. I can get renewals on them for two bucks with my registar for a year. I have a couple of hundred of them. Maybe someday I’ll actually use them.

  2. Heh, well, I thought I want to register one domain, then I found out that only .info from gTLDs was available, and somehow immediately I rejected the idea. Not because of any opinion on .info general content, but simply because it sucks. Who would ever want a website with .info attached? 😉

  3. Really, .be? I’ve never noticed that. Being a Belgian citizen, living abroad, I think that’s quite funny, disturbing and bizarre at the same time.

  4. I own a .info domain ( – it’s mostly just used for sites that I host on behalf of other people. I know that my email filters don’t look favourably on .info and .biz domains.

  5. I get a lot of comment spam for .info sites, but strangely enough most of my email spam comes from .biz. I wish spammers would be consistent across all mediums. 🙂

  6. Kyle, .ru is a domain of country with several millions of valid users – you can’t compare it to .info (stupid marketing joke of domain).

  7. Of course, by blocking .info, you just make it harder for the people (like me) who run a legitimate site on a .info domain. You shouldn’t block content based on TLD; that’s taking the easy way out. There needs to be a better solution.

  8. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that these .info domains were very cheap before. Most domain registrars even offered a 1 .info domain free with a one top level domain and later on it costed equivalent to other tld domains.

    But agreed these domains are much of a nuisance and most of the spam on my site comes thru them :p

  9. .be is free? That would be news to me! For those that don’t know, .be is the top-level domain for Belgium… I am willing to believe that some people see spam from .be (as from any other top-level domain), but I wouldn’t compare it to a commercial top-level domain such as .info…

  10. I have quite a few sites using .info.

    Why? Because the important thing about them is that they share *information*. They aren’t a company. They aren’t an organisation. They aren’t an ISP. The *information* is the important bit.

    So to answer the question above – “Who would ever want a website with .info attached?” – me. And it actually describes a hell of a lot of sites out there, that are using other TLDs. I wish it was used more often for good.

  11. I run a large WordPress blog on .info, 12,000+ unique visitors per month, been blogging on it regularly for years. For some reason it is difficult to get on the blog searches, but I recently e-mailed Sphere and they’ve added me on “by hand”. Apparently the default seearch-engine assumption is that anything on .info is rejected. Which is ridiculous, and shows the need for proper spidering, text-gathering and and evaluation.

  12. Well, I ran my blog on a .info site for several years, but now that my friend’s SpamAssasin flagged me for having a .info, that was the last straw and I just went and registered a .com domain.