Hasselhoff Music Video

This David Hasselhoff music video, Jump in My Car, is a must-watch. There has to have a good story behind it.

19 thoughts on “Hasselhoff Music Video

  1. Is this new? Maybe it ties in with that Knight Rider movie they’ve been talking about. Ooops, I know too much, don’t I?

  2. I suppose there was no accounting for tastes. It’s time to bring Mr. Feeny out of retirement (for those who don’t know, the person who played Mr. Feeny in Boy Meets World was also the voice of KITT) and bring back the black car, do some sort of stunt show along with Hasselhoff’s little concert. Speaking of Kitt, did anyone notice that this was the new european model, because I could have sworn based on the vanage point that I saw the driver was on the RIGHT side instead of the traditional left.

  3. I had previously seen that music video before but when I saw the links again I just had to take it upon myself to find as many Hasselhoff music videos as I could. You can view the 10 I found at enriquegarcia.net/cms/20060711/the-david-hasselhoff-collection-season-1/ . There’re some real jewels out there, LOL