A little Thursday music treat to round out this short holiday week: Rapunzel. Live in Chicago 1998 with the Dave Matthews band. The entire CD is fun, and this track has a particularly good sax solo.

5 thoughts on “Rapunzel

  1. Uhm… what?! Where’d that “enclosure” come from? I could see/hear the mp3 in Bloglines but there’s nothing on the page here. Please enlighten me a little… I feel like a noob.

  2. heh, live in chicago before he got caught using the river as a latrine 😉

    i remember enjoying that song without chagrin, the first time i saw that concert.

  3. If anyone wants a fun Web scavenger hunt, find the back-story behind the translation of “Pantala Naga Pampa” (the song before Rapunzel on almost every CD).