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I'm installing Windows Vista on my laptop. Wish me luck. I got a free DVD at Gnomedex, so figured why not? Update: Upgrade failed (froze), going to try a clean install.

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Good luck! I installed it on my desktop a while back. It has been working pretty great so far. I did have to disable the floppy drive because it was trying to load drivers for it and it was slowing down the boot process (of course, I don’t actually have a floppy drive).

Good luck indeed! I have installed the last two beta’s on my HP Media Center but due to a complete lack of available device drivers have hade to role back both times! To be honest, from what little I have seen of Vista I’m just not sure it’s actually worth the upgrade but I’m always interested to hear/read others thoughts and experiences with it.

When I first heard about Vista finally approaching release, I was more than ecstatic – moving to XP from Windows 98 for me was a godsend since Windows 98 never worked well on my laptop. First installation of XP worked perfectly out of the box.

But, then I started to read up about Vista, its ‘security features’ (aka permissions nightmare) and more importantly, it is the first OS built with DRM enforcement built in.. the first operating system built to control what you use your computer to do, rather than merely to run your computer and let you be productive.

I can’t in good conscience ever use Vista, for that reason – if I want to make a copy of my dvd that I bought at Best Buy.. why shouldn’t I be able to, just because Sony/Universal/Fill in the blank says so?

And better.. why should Windows be helping them do that?

It’s unfortunate. And the one feature that might have changed my mind – bitlocker – is only available in the $300 version of Vista, which I am not willing to pony up.

So XP it stays for me. How unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to using Aero 🙁

Personally, I just see no reason to bother with Vista, or any Microsoft product for that matter – I think Linux just works so much better, I don’t really have any use for anything else. Although on the other hand, been watching ReactOS a while, and that’s something that may actually get somewhere…

Vista on a notebook. As someone said above… That must be one heck of a notebook! 🙂

I have it installed on my desktop machine in a separate partition so that I can “dual boot” between Vista and XP. As I play with it, I am reminded why I am switching to the Mac and OS X. Man that OS is annoying. Every third click, you have to verify that you really want to do something! Yech!

I’ve been trying to install it on my MacBook, but it won’t bite. I’m guessing that the EFI bios is needed for Vista and I don’t know how to fake it. So I’m stuck with it running on my desktop unit. That’s fine since my desktop is fast enough to run Aero Glass just fine.

As to the new Aero Glass look and feel. Eh, it’s OK I suppose. OS X looks pretty good to me. Sure, the Aero effects are interesting, but considering what is needed to get it to display correctly and all, I’ll stick to OS X.

I installed Vista on a dual boot with XP shortly after beta 2 came out. On my system (which is only a few months old), Vista is running faster than XP.

I was skeptical as I had tested earlier builds and they sucked. This is a pretty big jump in performance.

For those that couldn’t get Vista before due to the massive download rush, give it a try now. The servers are pretty speedy.

Myself, I installed vista inside vmware, since I can’t give up my main OS – fairly responsive, so I imagine when it’s installed on the machine proper, should perform well. I haven’t been able to get the glass aero effect to turn on yet, but then again I haven’t tried too hard. If you haven’t tried Vista at all and worry about the aero/glass/etc interface getting in the way – you can go back to the older ‘2k/9x’ appearance. I can’t tell you if future apps designed for aero will still look okay, but you can do it.

I use a Mac so I don’t see what the big problem with Vista is 😉

A friend of mine installed Vista on his PC. Completely wrecked the external hard disk. No way of formatting it. It’s done something to the MBR. No way of going back to XP either, as it bypassed boot.ini. He’s now got it working though… FULL of bugs…

Upgrading Windows has never worked very well for me. I remember trying it once or twice and it just failed during install and corrupted system files or something and I ended up with a broken OS. I don’t even bother trying anymore. Straight to format. Actually, I try to format my Windows partition at least once a year just to keep things clean too.

Not only is Windows Vista a poorly designed operating system, its proprietary, as well! A double-whammy, so to speak.

Have you tried out any free software operating systems, like GNU/Linux? I recommend Blag Linux and GNU:

I’ve got Vista running on my desktop at home. It’s an older 2.4GHz Celeron with 768MB memory DVD+RW 256MB Video card and a 200 GB Hard Disk. I couldn’t get it installed from the DVD for the life of me. Then I read on a Microsoft blog that if you have failures from the DVD, to copy the contents of the DVD to your hard drive and install from there. First try, it worked. I’ve had a few random Blue Screen of Deaths, but overall, it’s reasonably stable. After these, a tool popped up, asked to send info to Microsoft, and came back with some suggested fixes. It keeps telling me I should probably upgrade my BIOS. I had to bump down the graphics from the full Aero Glass interface (too slow on my PC) and I also turned off Indexing. Everything seems to be working fine now.

I’m also running the Beta 2 of Microsoft Office System 2007 – very cool – no troubles there at all.

I tried Vista on one of my machines a few weeks ago, but I got tired of having to confirm and enter the admin password every couple of minutes. Apparently my “normal” use of a computer involves lots of actions that Microsoft thinks are dangerous.

I keep meaning to download windows vista, I took a look on the msn site, but the download was pretty large and I couldn’t be bothered to pay for postage on a cd being send… I admit it, I’m lazy 🙂 will have to take a look sometime though.


I installed Windows Vista Beta within hours of its official release.

I had it dual booting between Windows XP and Windows VB. Something blitzed my install this past week. I liked what I saw for the past 55 days. So much so that I did several pages on this new operating system.

My experience with winV is related there.


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