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TagJag Thoughts

I had a very brief comment during Chris' session "Should TagJag get funded?" On the stage with Chris and Rick Segal were two of my favorite members of the venture community, Brad Feld and Jeff Clavier. My feedback may have been phrased more negatively than I meant it to be, but what I was trying to constructively criticise is that TagJag would be a lot more unique and valuable to me if beyond merely listing the results pages of the different services it aggregates, it presented the results interesting and timesaving ways. For example: better categorization of time-based vs. authority-based sources; combining different results into a single list; de-duping and filtering results; filtering the spam that the different providers seem to be unable to catch; providing different notification thresholds and mediums beyond RSS and HTML, like email, SMS, IM. All of these would provide value to me beyond what the individual services provide, save me time, and provide something greater than the sum of its parts. tagjag freedbacking

T-Shirt Plea

Open letter to free schwag people: Not all geeks are XXL! There is a reason the small and medium shirts are the first to go. Please keep the smaller geeks in mind when purchasing your merch. Conference organizers: make t-shirt size part of the registration so you can give your vendors a heads-up to the size makeup of the conference. (Other than that, Gnomedex is going great.)