T-Shirt Plea

Open letter to free schwag people: Not all geeks are XXL! There is a reason the small and medium shirts are the first to go. Please keep the smaller geeks in mind when purchasing your merch. Conference organizers: make t-shirt size part of the registration so you can give your vendors a heads-up to the size makeup of the conference. (Other than that, Gnomedex is going great.)

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hehe yeah, I went to a conference and had a simmilar problem except the only tee’s left where Smalls, which no way in hell would fit me. Luckly a kind organiser had saved another medium for herself incase the one she was wearing got dirty, and I had that one.

Spot on but futile because America’s going supersized. I used to get well-fitting schwag no problem when I weighed +40 lbs. Now that I’ve become a solid M not only does the new schwag not fit, but all my old schwag is baggy too.

I have the problem of being really tall (and having a few extra pounds)… even the XXL’s are often too short for me. I’d have to agree ith Matt and say that conference organizers should ask what their attendees t-shirt sizes are.

That, or I’ll have to put heavy weights on my head to shrink myself (does that work?)

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