Our Tail

Someone had asked me about traffic patterns on WordPress.com the other day and whether or not they followed a "long tail." I knew the answer was yes, and I guestimated the numbers from memory at around 80% outside the top 10 blogs. It's actually a little more acute: 92.63% of the traffic to WordPress.com is for blogs outside of the top 25. (About 8.4 million pageviews in the past week.) This is from Google Analytics, so doesn't include RSS or anything like that.

4 thoughts on “Our Tail

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  2. Base on this infomation can some maths expert fit an equation to the curve? With the curve one could then guesstimate their blog position based on their traffic 😉

    Hey why not have a feature that continuous calculate the curve and then calculate each blog’s ranking … Oh don’t need to… wordpress could simply order them … Haha