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5 Reasons to Use WordPress as CMS

5 Reasons to Use WordPress as CMS by Blogging Pro.

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I don’t know. Of course it can be done. Any CMS can be extended to a point where it can serve various purposes. But WordPress is first and foremost a great blogging package. A great, but specialized piece of equipment. I made another decision. I preferred Joomla for my main website and then I tried out the JoomlaBlog tool. It didn’t work for me either. It was way easier (and more powerful) to setup Joomla as the front end package and wrap WordPress into it. That way I could use the strength of both, instead of compromising one for the other.

I’ve set up many sites with WP as a CMS, I love it’s presentation flexibility, and the ability to easily extend its features with some php. Too bad the newer versions are moving more towards “WordPress for Dummies” and the more professional features aren’t really being extended.

I’ve used WordPress as CMS on few sites. It’s really quite flexible and there’s not much need to tweak the core. Just do some plugins and templates. I do have some problems administering pages, though… Anyone know any good plugins for that?


I’m a little curious what your stance is of using WordPress as a CMS. You stated in 2004 that “while it can be stretched to work as a full CMS (just like MT) it’s just that, a stretch.” CITE:

I realize that WordPress has improved greatly in those two years, but would you still agree with your earlier comment that it is a blogging tool and a stretch as a CMS? If WordPress is a true CMS I think I’ll have to revisit it (I currently don’t use any type of blogging software as I don’t have a blog).


PS: was that CMS that you said you were making ever released? I have looked around and I can’t seem to find any other references to it.

Matt i think you should just make WordPress a CMS as well then we can have the best of both worlds.

I mean we already love WordPress to bits making it a full CMS as well would not stop global warming but would make our internet life better

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