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I recently got my Sony TX690 back from the repair place, I asked them to wipe the HD to rid me of the plague that is Vista. Here’s the software I installed, in order, after getting it back: Firefox, Foxmarks, Thunderbird, Putty, TortoiseSVN, MIRC, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Topstyle, AutoHotKey, iTunes, EVDO drivers, Filezilla. I will probably install XAMPP later for offline plane hacking. That’s all I need to do everything I do on a computer.

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Good to see you use putty. Not to many people use it but I personally feel it’s a nice SSH client.

So what exactly did Vista do to your machine? I’ll be sticking with XP Pro for a while and since my laptop is dual boot (Fedora and Windows) I’m pretty set with decent operating systems.

Vista was really sketchy with wireless networks, EVDO never worked, none of the built-in buttons worked (like volume control), the headphone jack stopped working, it was slower, bluetooth didn’t work… It felt like using Linux in 2004!

“It felt like using Linux in 2004” – Interesting. I never experienced Linux running slow and I’ve been using some form of Linux since 2000. I use to use Slackware but a couple years ago moved over to Fedora. I guess because I do a lot of custom kernal work, I didn’t notice things running slow.

Glad you got your machine back and things are running smooth. If you max out your RAM on your machine, you won’t need to upgrade to Vista for a long time and can get a lot more life from XP. From what I’ve read, Vista’s a huge resource hog.

I have 1.5gb on the laptop, so memory usually isn’t a problem. With the Linux I was more referring to a bunch of hardware not working, particularly laptop-specific hardware, drivers, and buttons. I know that situation has gotten immensely better in the last year or so.

If you like Topstyle, you should definitely try Style Master (by western civilisation, It is available for both MacOS and WinXP, and it is generally more comfortable to work with than Topstyle. I admit that I’m biased since Style Master is shipped with most of my open source website templates, but it is simply a great tool!

And, to keep up with code: Notepad++ rocks my world too… =)

I have most of the same choices. I recently purchased a laptop for school and travel and had to install all new software on it from scratch. I did not know about Foxmarks (which is a nice addition) and I store all my email and check all my email on Gmail, so I did not install Thunderbird. I also refuse to use iTunes (because of the Quicktime addon).

One peice of software I like to have on all my computers is UltraEdit. That is one windows text editor I could not live without. I love the column mode text edit capabilities including the column fill and regex find and replace. I also like to have Homesite as an HTML/CFML editor. The tag autocomplete has just become a really bad habit.

Putty: couldn’t live without it! Use it every day.
Love the Tortoise! Always have the latest WordPress Trunk code. 🙂
I agree with Lloyd about WinSCP over FileZilla – neither is perfect, but I prefer WinSCP.

As to local development server: the Uniform Server is the winner for me.

You probably shouldn’t have said, “…for offline plane hacking.” Now you will be investigated by the FBI. Watch out for the black helicopters circling above your apartment.

BTW, I really like WinSCP a lot better than FileZilla. You should give it a try.

Also, how do you survive with out Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks???

Answering instead of Matt !

Dreamweaver as your default text editor?

Well, Dreamweaver is more than one program… You know what is the most important function of DW? Can’t guess! It cleans up Microsoft Word HTML codes and turn them into XHTML!!

You do not use Office or Open Office?

A question for those recommending WinSCP, can WinSCP support FTP? As much as I want to avoid, there are still time when I need FTP and Filezilla is good for that.

Ewwww, mIRC?
Silverex is my best buddy for Windows IRC, because I’m a total XChat geek anywhere else. I have yet to try XChat Aqua, however…

I’ll toss in a minority vote for FileZilla. Tried WinSCP, didn’t work for me. FileZilla was home. Foxmarks is amazing, thanks for the tip.

Vista looks like a train wreck about to happen. Will be getting an Ubuntu laptop soon. Full circle here, I guess. I started on the net with a Netcom shell account.

With four XP computers here in our home office, just keeping them updated, stable, and virus-free takes way too much time. Gosh, Microsoft, let me stop everything I’m doing because your Patch Tuesday has eight updates to fix problems that never should have happened in the first place.

I use PS Pad to do all development. It is great for editing HTML, CSS and PHP (right on the website if you want) and no need for Beyond Compare – it’s built in to PS Pad. Think of it as a free UltraEdit. Heck, it’s my Notepad replacement as well. ( )

I quit using Dreamweaver entirely. It just wasn’t for me. I use Notepad2 and upload via FTP. I’ve got both FileZilla and WinSCP. I usually end up using the former, but don’t have any preference either way. I also have PuTTY, but I never use it.

FireFTP is great, but I can’t get it to copy entire directories and all the files and subdirectories under it, something that is needed when updating a WordPress version manually. FileZilla does do that, though.

Ok, so I give up… if you don’t use FTP to get your files uploaded to your site… what protocol does one use??? I’m so confused. I thought that FTP was the only way to get files from point a to point b over the net.

[…] Before I made any changes, I created the factory suggested OS and application backup on the excellent DVD RAM drive that is included. It was quick and painless, though I later realized that the OS backup was useless without the provided partition types on the hard drive. Luckily, I had a copy of Windows XP MCE from Jennifer’s laptop. I wiped the drive clean, created a single partition and installed Windows. I then loaded the applications from Acer that I would use, especially the power control program that regulates the battery usage. Then I proceeded to install the apps that I mostly use. These will probably vary with user but I have provided a list of them here in case someone finds it useful. These are in no particular order. Some of these are from Matt’s suggestions. […]

Nobody talking about free portable applications ? I use Portable Notepad++, Portable FileZilla, Portable WinAmp, Portable XnView, Portable File Commander, Portable JAlbum, Portable Komposer and Portable eMule. Most of this applicatios can be found on – I love this site and my WinXP Pro is allways clean of dirty installations… And in most of cases, legalized ! Regards from Brazil !

[…] Toda la semana tuve muy poco contacto con las computadoras, solo un día que dediqué para terminar la web que ya ha quedado en su diseño casi final y habrá que añadirle la información que hace falta. Para este diseño me topé con el software TopStyle que a recomendación de Matt Mullenweng me decidí a probarlo y me agradó, otro software para diseño web que me parece que dentro de pronto voy a probar es Style Master pero creo que me quedaré con TopStyle ya que cuenta con el previsualizador basado en Internet Explorer y esto es muy importante por que segun las estadístucas de W3 Schools el 60% de los usuarios utilizan Internet Explorer en alguna versión y esto obliga a los desarrolladores web a programar y diseñar páginas compatibles con este navegador. […]

Matt, since you’ve tried (and will try again) Linux before, I don’t want to belabor the point… Don’t you find it funny that Telnet, SSH, FTP, Firefox, Thunderbird, SVN, etc are already included in most GNU/Linux distros?

I recently upgraded to Vista and am finding it challenging yet rewarding overcoming the “hiccups” it presents. I also feel that it’s teaching me ‘why’ Vista works the way it does which gives me a better understanding of it. This is helpful as so many people ask for help with pc’s and nearly all of the new machines I’ve come across are running some incarnatin of Vista. I take my hat off to anyone who has tried it and didn’t like it but I also feel that it will get us all in the end with Direcx 10 threatening to work ONLY on Vista and so on. It’s the future…. like it or not !

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