10 thoughts on “Live from WordCamp

  1. (I’m pretty sure I must have missed something but..) Is there an IRC or webcam running so we on the other side of the world can follow it a bit? Been looking for it.

  2. Matt, I do hope we are able to get some labels on some of these pictures. I would like to know who we’re looking at. My eyesight is too limited to read those tiny ID stickers… 🙂

  3. hey Man,
    It’s great getting the chance to meet you. I really see now a whole economy has sprung up around WordPress. Flew in from Montana just for this. Thanks for all you’ve done with this thing.

  4. I just want to say thank you to you and the volunteers. I had to head home early, but what a great event. I’m so full of ideas. Thanks for an amazing day!

  5. I was there early also helping set up… was there before you go there… but I had to move my car to the nearest parking garage I could find.

    Thanks for talking, and thanks again for putting it all together.

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