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It's a bright and early morning here in San Francisco, I'm at the Swedish American hall for WordCamp 2006. The first of our brilliant volunteers are here and the wifi is strong. Life is good. See you guys on the other side of this crazy event.

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(I’m pretty sure I must have missed something but..) Is there an IRC or webcam running so we on the other side of the world can follow it a bit? Been looking for it.

Matt, I do hope we are able to get some labels on some of these pictures. I would like to know who we’re looking at. My eyesight is too limited to read those tiny ID stickers… šŸ™‚

hey Man,
It’s great getting the chance to meet you. I really see now a whole economy has sprung up around WordPress. Flew in from Montana just for this. Thanks for all you’ve done with this thing.

[…] Just finished listening to a great session from Matt, and I’m about to jump into BBQ. It’s pretty cool being here, and I’m looking forward to meeting other folks. Looks like someone is putting at least some of the items up on Google Video. I’ll link to them when they’re up. […]

I was there early also helping set up… was there before you go there… but I had to move my car to the nearest parking garage I could find.

Thanks for talking, and thanks again for putting it all together.