Live Writer Developer

One of the developers of Windows Live Writer on its release, and also on a blog. As does J.J. Allaire. Hat tip: Blog Herald.

7 thoughts on “Live Writer Developer

  1. First thoughts in my head were ‘Nice work!’ – it worked first time.

    I have to say I’m liking this – MUCH more than any of the similar tools (like BlogJet) that I’ve used.

    I think I may just stick with this one – and I particularly liked the way that it allows me much more flexibility with thumbnails than I’ve previously been allowed.

    Great stuff!

  2. I have to admit I was shocked to find out that it works on “custom” WordPress blogs… Outright shocked. I haven’t tested it to much, but so far so good. Very cool to see that MS is aware of open source competition.

  3. WLW is a great little tool to help with blogging. Setting it up with WordPress was a breeze and it works fine with my template. It gives a good preview of what it will look like online. Fast and slick.
    Just one drawback: I am in the middle of shedding Windows from my desktop and migrating completely to Ubuntu Linux. Great! Uncle Bill (or maybe cousin Ozzie) starts handing out free, nice goodies now. No. It won’t stop me from moving along the Linux road. But for those who love to blog and stay on Windows: WLW could be a winner.