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Google Strict vs Google Deprecated, where the size of the homepage is reduced using standards-compliant markup. I’m guessing this isn’t a religious issue, just a personal one with whoever owns that code at Google.

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It’s possibly to achieve something similar with WordPress on the PHP side and/or images? For instance, today i optimized file size for pictures coming with Kubrick.

Before – After

kubrickfooter.jpg (2.39 Kb) – kubrickfooter.png (1.49 Kb)
kubrickbgwide.jpg (0.99 Kb) – kubrickbgwide.gif (477 bytes)
kubrickbgcolor.jpg (876 bytes) – kubrickbgcolor.png (184 bytes)
kubrickbg.jpg (1.02 Kb) – kubrickbg.gif (735 bytes)

Even though file size is small, further reducing it while maintaining the same looks doesn’t hurt and gives the impression of a faster loading page.

Just crazy thoughts 🙂

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