Blogger Rebuilt

“Then, when someone wants to see any of the pages on your blog, those pages are created for them dynamically, on the fly.” Sounds familiar… The new Blogger doesn’t make users wait on rebuilding anymore, nice upgrade! (What happened to all those folks saying static was the only way to scale?) That and their other new features show a real respect and sensitivity to their users, the only thing missing is an exporter. Rebuilding is so 2004.

12 thoughts on “Blogger Rebuilt

  1. The thing is, they can’t be doing away with rebuilding completely, because you still need to be able to publish to your host, whether it’s blogspot or your own personal FTP space. Unless they’re writing scripting code to your web site (which is unlikely since I’ve never seen any “language” requirements for blogs), creating or modifying a post still means having to publish the static HTML files to your server, wherever it may be. I think they may have done some tweaking to the rebuilding code so that it’s faster and does less rebuilding, but I’m pretty sure it still does rebuilding in some way or another.

  2. “Rebuilding is so 2004.” I dunno…with all the MovableType hacks I was running before the switch to WP, I think I was pretty tired of rebuilding as far back as 2003. 😉