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Install WordPress Video

CNET has a video on “Install a WordPress blog”, this came up at WordCamp and I think more of these would be a great idea. Here are some intro videos from EduBlogs.

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[…] WordPress lässt sich üblicherweise innerhalb von 5 Minuten installieren und in Betrieb nehmen. Absolute beginners werden noch einmal extra an die Hand genommen: CNET erklärt, demonstriert, führt unter dem Titel Insider Secrets in einem ausführlichen Video vor, wie WordPress zu installieren ist. Nur englisch, englisch müsste man können. (via Photomatt) […]

matt-do you have links to these videos anywhere on i think it would be very helpful for newbies (including some friends I’ve recently introduced to blogging!)

[…] I’ve had countless people ask me about how to set up a wordpress blog, so I was glad to see Matt point out that CNet now has a video that details the steps of setting up a hosted WP blog. It’s a simple video, but that is appropriate since the instillation of WP is simple. However, if terms like “FTP”, “domain” and “web host” don’t mean anything to you, then skip over this video and go straight for a hosted blog like blogger or […]