This is silly

This is silly, but since the Canadians are organizing a campaign, I feel obligated to humbly request Photo Matt readers cast a vote in this poll. (For me, hopefully!) It has been noted that the picture makes me look like I’m 10 years old, when in reality I really look more like 15. You can browse Flickr latest, most interesting, or clusters for further proof. (Link updated for new round.)

30 thoughts on “This is silly

  1. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if it is good to get the most votes, or if it is better to get fewer votes. I mean, 2.Ooh is so nonwow. But you got my vote anyway. The manipulated photo of the other guy was also completely nonwow. Good luck…

  2. I voted for you the other day (ran across the link in IRC). I like flock, but it doesn’t impress me as much as WordPress does… software wise. And yes you’re young… but not that young. I assumed early 20’s.

  3. That’s an old picture… Matt looks considerably older (18 or 19, maybe?) with his new haircut, and his lack of shaving.

    I can relate. I also have a baby face, and share Matt’s waiter-esque “I’m not a threat, no really, I’m a nice guy” voice.

  4. I had to vote for you both – sorry if that screws the results (it shouldn’t, though).

    My man Will because I’ve been reading his stuff for a couple years now and use Flock alongside Opera as my main browsers and he’s a fellow Canadian, and Matt because of the WordPress voodoo that runs the 25(ish) blogs I maintain.

    I just couldn’t choose πŸ™ Forgive me.

  5. It sure doesn’t, Trevor…

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    Don’t know if you refer to some results and the errors are temporary…

  6. I’m sorry Matt, but I voted for Will. Even though I use WordPress, think it’s great and might even help out some day, and I’ve never used Flock, I’m superficial.

    Other than that, I agree with Michelle.