This is silly

This is silly, but since the Canadians are organizing a campaign, I feel obligated to humbly request Photo Matt readers cast a vote in this poll. (For me, hopefully!) It has been noted that the picture makes me look like I’m 10 years old, when in reality I really look more like 15. You can browse Flickr latest, most interesting, or clusters for further proof. (Link updated for new round.)

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I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if it is good to get the most votes, or if it is better to get fewer votes. I mean, 2.Ooh is so nonwow. But you got my vote anyway. The manipulated photo of the other guy was also completely nonwow. Good luck…

I voted for you the other day (ran across the link in IRC). I like flock, but it doesn’t impress me as much as WordPress does… software wise. And yes you’re young… but not that young. I assumed early 20’s.

That’s an old picture… Matt looks considerably older (18 or 19, maybe?) with his new haircut, and his lack of shaving.

I can relate. I also have a baby face, and share Matt’s waiter-esque “I’m not a threat, no really, I’m a nice guy” voice.

I had to vote for you both – sorry if that screws the results (it shouldn’t, though).

My man Will because I’ve been reading his stuff for a couple years now and use Flock alongside Opera as my main browsers and he’s a fellow Canadian, and Matt because of the WordPress voodoo that runs the 25(ish) blogs I maintain.

I just couldn’t choose πŸ™ Forgive me.

It sure doesn’t, Trevor…

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Don’t know if you refer to some results and the errors are temporary…

I’m sorry Matt, but I voted for Will. Even though I use WordPress, think it’s great and might even help out some day, and I’ve never used Flock, I’m superficial.

Other than that, I agree with Michelle.