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  1. Interesting that “What is WordPress” is so popular. One would think that people should know what it is when they come to this website. Oh and it seems that the installation is somewhat difficult 😉

  2. I’ve been doing so too… to my ultimate dismay, most of my readers are bloody perverts. I found that 35 out of hundred clicks on my blog’s main page goes to a rendered crotch of a valkyrie… WTF

  3. I think this is one of the niftiest site analytics tools I have ever seen. Might give it a try even though I’m not paying much attention to my blog at the moment. Thanks for the coverage.

    Oh, and regarding Jeriko’s comment. “What is WordPress?” is probably a popular click because thanks to all the people who find wordpress.org through all the “powered by “WordPress” links and want to find out if it’s a software, a service or perhaps a personal reactor that turns newsprint into power for your PC… 🙂

  4. Now the questions is what do you do to improve the page with the results? Download naturally seems to be the hottest in the hp menu. I would take ‘download’ and add a nice visual button for it in the welcome section, possible next to a second button along the lines of ‘or we’ll host it for free’.

    Then test the difference. 🙂

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