Boxely is live, it’s like XUL but simpler and easier.

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Ha ha. I did click on some of links, but to open them in a new tab. I now see that a normal click reveals the answer. Too bad html links have affordance for what I did as well, and the answer should be revealed in the new tab. Some times we are too smart for our own good — I am not sure if I am referring to myself or them.

[…] I blogged about Boxely a few days ago, it seemed like a neat framework. I’ve been thinking more about the desktop the past month or so, hence my blogging around it. Joe has updated saying “Well, that was fun while it lasted. AOL has taken down the site already. Apparently not all executives in the company were aware of the release, and ordered it removed when they caught wind.” On the other side of the web Jason Calacanis is waving the AOL banner, yet a company that stifles innovation like this and flip-flops releases isn’t one I would invest in. Is this a continuation of Nullsoft-style rebels inside of AOL fighting to make a difference? « Firefox Followup: Parakey […]

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