The new Tailrank is live, and looks like a huge improvement. Tailrank is like Google News but powered by blogs.

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[…] Think Google News, an aggregator of all the news from all different publications. But instead, feed it news only from blogs. How does it work? ” Tailrank takes into consideration linking behavior, the text of the post, links in common with other users, search relevance, and various other factors for recommendations.” They organize the news into four main categories general, tech, politics, and entertainment (a simplified Digg). Tailrank also has a cool feature they call “My Tail” which lets you upload an OPML file from your favorite RSS reader OR subscribe to a variety of feeds that the site will choose hot news from. Plus they have an API that you use on your own site. Yeah! Why would someone rather read blogger written news instead of news from major publications, you may ask? Well, it really goes back to why blogs are so popular to begin with. I like this person’s blog because I like his views, humor, or taste in links. Some level of freedom of choice and shared experienced. I like the idea for Tailrank because it’s yet another attempt like Technorati, Digg or to send me info that maps closer to my personal world view. And what better one than that? Source of this tidbit was from […]

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