Cardinal Blogging

Robert Accettura wrote in about this story about a Boston Cardinal starting a Vatican blog. Here’s the blog. As a Catholic, I find this trend toward transparency pretty fascinating. How long before the Pope has a blog?

7 thoughts on “Cardinal Blogging

  1. I doubt that if the Pope had a blog that it would increase transparency. Would he even be the one to write it?

  2. Not long, I think. I’m not sure if Pope Benedict will get there, but I think the whole idea of blogging is finding a lot of new uses, including in the Church.

  3. I predict a couple of months. I can see it now, Ratz using tKubrick with the title “PopeBlog” with the tagline “My blog is holier than your blog!”

  4. I blogged about it since September 23rd but it seems nobody is reading my blog !!! 🙁
    Oh well, on the subject now, church, seems to have caught with the (not so) new wordpress blogging madness.
    So whats next ?
    Online confession ?
    Isnt that what a personal blog is all about ?