Microsoft CodeCamp

I’m still in Vienna, but this Saturday morning I’ll be at Silicon Valley CodeCamp speaking on How to say no. My Mom would be so proud. Extra: my keynote from Blogtalk is online at Google video. You may or may not be able to tell, but I was fighting keeping my eyes open (it was 5 AM for me). Next time I speak overseas I’m going to factor in an extra day ahead of time to adjust my sleep fully.

14 thoughts on “Microsoft CodeCamp

  1. If it can be of any comfort, I couldn’t tell. You just seemed a very cool cucumber and it was a nice talk. I had to fight to stay awake (well, coherent) during my talk this afternoon, and I can’t even blame timezones. Just a really bad night on the night train.

    Hope you enjoy(ed) the end of your stay in Vienna!

  2. So, besides Vienna sausage, what do you do to cope? I’m headed to Thailand next Tuesday (12 hours ahead of CST). I’m just planning on sleeping in that morning and staying awake as long as possible on the flight from LA to Taipei. :o/

  3. Matt, that was a great piece! Very informative and very inspiring.

    You reminded me of some of your philosophies — about keeping things simple, about the software not getting in the way, about one person publishing — that I can honestly say I had forgotten.

    It reminded me why you do some of the things you do. I reminded me that I agree with you, though I forget that far too often.

    You have some great things to sat Matt, you should say them more often, perhaps here, for those of us who don’t get to hear you on a regular basis.

    Truly inspiring — and you are still so young! Damn you!

  4. Silicon Valley CodeCamp based on the sponsors and users groups seems very Microsoft focused.

    I see you have an opportunity to install Vista again on your laptop 😉