Why does Oxo Goodgrips stuff come in the standard awful impossible-to-open plastic packaging armor. It hurts the brand. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to detail.

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hard to open packaging is never fun.

of course, i dont think theres a single flash/SD/mem stick/ad nauseam package that hasnt required me to get out my oxo poultry scissors.

Reminds me of a game played at the end of a swedish talkshow. The guest was challenged to open the packaging of a brand new USB mem stick with his bare hands in 45 seconds. When 15 seconds was left he was allowed to use scissors, only to discover that the scissors too was packaged in nuclear-proof plastic armor.

I agree with whiffer. It’s totally ridiculous to spend 5 mins to open an SD package using a pair of scissors. Maybe all those brands secured millions of packages in a good price and they can’t step back.

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