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I was on the Cranky Geeks show yesterday with John Dvorak. So far there are two polar comments on my appearance: “Didn’t quite like the WordPress guy. He seemed disingenuous and what he said was redundant.” “I think that the WordPress guy was great.” I hope that means something is right. We now return to our regularly redundant programming programming.

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Just for the record, I don’t think more people voting is a bad thing — anything that makes a democracy more representative of its population is in theory a good thing. I just was curious what everyone thought on the topic.

Okay, I watched it. Cool show! I’ve never seen it before.

Dude, you had me until that last joke. heh.

(Damn! I can’t “heh” while claiming a joke is no good! Stupid easily-amusedibility!)

Er. um. Cool Show.

This is the first Cranky Geeks that I’ve watched. I thought that your comments were excellent, especially about why YouTube is so popular/dominant in their market space.

A lot of people get caught up with the line of reasoning that starts something like: “How can YouTube be so popular? The technology is so easy…we could build it out in a month…etc, etc.” Well, YouTube built it first, built the features that users found useful, and got traction!

Anyways…great show.

I love Cranky Geeks, but I think you provided a much needed younger spark. Sebastian is great, Dvorak is super-smart, but it’s cool to see someone from our generation on there. Congrats on holding your own in that crowd, not many would.

You were so relaxed! Dutch courage? 😉

I thought you were fine. There are times where I want to tape John C. Dvorak’s mouth shut long enough to hear the rest of you, but overall it was very interesting. I like Cranky Geeks — it’s fun show.

Heard the show – you did OK. My favorite part was about you wanting to know if you could keep the name when you got the billion dollar buy out, then had to explain the name of the company was Automatic. 8) Hope you get to go on again.

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