Now with Twice the “Mattic” – Matt Thomas joins Automattic full-time. We’re still figuring out what to call him, since “Matt” is obviously taken. 😉

17 thoughts on “DoubleMattic

  1. Well, having a common name is definitely a problem. As a “Chris”, I would know… In my case, if there is more than one Chris in an office, one invariable gets called Chris, while the other gets called Christopher (or something). Might go with Matt and Matthew, Big Matt & Little Matt, New Matt & Old Matt… umm, WelcomeMatt and Mattress… I dunno…

  2. I used to work for a place that had a similar problem with Mikes and Marcs. When we got our second Mike, we (arbitrarily) decided to start calling him Joe, and by the time we got our third Marc, we started simply indexing them — he was known as “three”.