Digital Media Summit

I’m in Utah for the Polaris Digital Media Summit. Lot’s of interesting conversations with lots of interesting folks, unfortunately most of it is off the record. However the blog above is posting a bit about each session, assuming Mike will keep up with it. Deer Valley is beautiful, it makes me wish I wasn’t scared of snow.

5 thoughts on “Digital Media Summit

  1. Why are you scared of snow? There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s fluffy (most of the time). It’s just frozen water.

    Sure, if you aren’t used to driving in it, it can be an experience. Unfortunately, most people who live in environments where it does snow, especially big cities, seem to forget from snowstorm to snowstorm (not even discussion winter-to-winter!) how to drive in the stuff. It seems they think the vehicle ought handle everything — and their driving like it is a bright, sunny day, about 70 degrees outside, makes things even worse.

    Being scared of it could make you a better driver, so long as you follow the basics. šŸ™‚

    Heck, find a small town, learn to drive in it, and learn to love it. Then just hope it is gone within six hours or so — before it turns to ice and mush, turns black, and looks nasty for the next several weeks.