New Servers

Barry is blogging some of our experiences with bringing online another DC. The search for another solid infrastructure partner has been very educational and made me appreciate how good LayeredTech actually is.

11 thoughts on “New Servers

  1. I’ve had quite the opposite experience with LayeredTech. They stopped caring about my server and it rebooted without any warning and they said “that’s a linux problem” which it wasn’t. I have nothing but hard feelings for LayeredTech.

    On the other hand though, I have nothing but positive feelings for which is my current host and where I have two dedicated servers now with them. They have been nothing but helpful and have provided amazing service to me.

  2. I’ve been with Layeredtech for years, they’re great and I love my $45 server 😛

    If you are patient, their deals are incredible.

  3. Speaking of multiple datacenters, it looks like is now using netli (NetliContinuity?) to handle traffic routing? I’m curious to know how that’s working out.

  4. Netli is expensive, and we had some bumps getting it set up, but it appears to be working well now. Whether it’s worth the cost long term is something we’re still figuring out.

  5. Gotta admit that I’m not a big Layeredtech fan either. We’ve been having an ongoing problem with hacked boxes sending out spam email relay attempts for quite some time with little follow up from their abuse department.

    Of course I have my own personal sites within LT space so I probably shouldn’t complain. Although they’re having issues as well with getting stuff fixed.

  6. I’ve never used LayeredTech, but I would like to throw in my thoughts on quality providers. The company that I work for has been working with The Planet for the past 2 years or so and we’ve been very happy.

    Right now I’ve got a few boxes with them (including one virtualized out to 28 systems) and have never had a support issue. They even went out of their way to help me out with a couple system problems I couldn’t figure out.

  7. We maintain only a few servers at LayeredTech now, our conclusion was that their server monitoring and response system just wasn’t good enough as it didn’t pick up most occasions where a server was down or not responsive

    Our best provider is SoftLayer, they are just awesome

  8. I think the comments confirm that there is no “perfect” hosting provider — something most of us knew already. Some are definitely better than others, but each has their strengths and weaknesses. For what we rely on — hardware, power, and network, Layered Tech has been great. It also helps that their new server provisioning process is super easy and quick. For those that require advanced monitoring or phone support, maybe Layered Tech is not the best option.