Chevy Nova

The story about the Chevy Nova not selling well in Mexico because its name meant “no go” is completely false.

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  1. is a great resource for exposing all sorts of “urban myths” and legends. I routinely filter forwarded email “stories” I hear (90% of which are false) through snopes and then reply to all the email recipients with a link. Its such a simple thing to do…

  2. Well, it was just a lousy car and people were being kind.
    Mexicans ain’t as stupid as those norte of the border want to think.

  3. Indeed, but the tale of Rolls Royce doing their research correctly, and preventing a real backslap is true. They managed to avert massive lack of sales by changing the name of their famous Silver Mist model for sales in the German market, where Mist translates as dung or fertilizer.

  4. Considering I grew up with a four-door 1976 Nova (bought new by my Dad) and drove it from 1984 to 1990 I can attest that the car didn’t go. At least it didn’t go without an quart of oil and extra jug of radiator fluid.

    The friends called it my “rustmobile”, but I called it transportation. When a series of break-ins hit the college campus, the thieves left my car alone. They knew there was little value to it.

    Some additional trivia, Eddie Murphey in Beverly Hills Cop drove a Nova (either a ’75 or ’76). When he parks it on hill the transmission and emergency break doesn’t “stick” and it starts to go backwards. One of the script writers must have owned that car…because mine did the same!

    Thanks for the memories Matt!

  5. I drove an old 74 Chevy Nova 4 door for a number of years… mainly when I start college. And I have to attest that it was one of my more reliable cars. It was a straight six with a three in the tree, and it just kept runny. Plus its older look saved me a world of trouble when the riots erupted down in LA at the time. My girlfriend at the time lived in Downey.

    Over all it was a good car, and I thought I had heard tell it was an urban myth a long time ago. But Matt, what brought this up?

  6. Hi, i have a NoVa 74′ and I’m a Mexican of Norte (baja.
    This car is an excellent vehicle (many chicks on this)when a drive in a highway my speed on speedometer is nearly 70 -100 mph, whoa! it’s fantastic, no police in my mind.
    Adios chavos y good luck!!

  7. accualy one incorrect statement about all this is that the nova WAS sold under a differnt name in several spanish speaking countris and other non speaking countries

    it was sold asthe pontiac ventura or as the chevy, the chevy II and the chevey special

  8. well you idiots NOVA together means beauty… gosh dang it… i sense some discrimination,,, why do you think belanova (Spanish artist) named herself like that… or super nova???