Ford uses WordPress

Jason just wrote in that Ford Motor Company has launched a WordPress site, and it’s pretty kickass. How cool that the first Fortune 5 company to use WP goes beyond just a regular blog and really shows what can be done with a powerful framework.

21 thoughts on “Ford uses WordPress

  1. Hmmm… It’s a shame they don’t actually *credit* WordPress 😉 (But I’ve had a poke around and it’s definately a WP install :D)

  2. The thing I’d like to know is how much the designer/team of designers were paid by Ford to prepare the site and how in the know the guys with the money were about the core of the design? 😉 Still, it’s a great work on their layout!

  3. Not a bad looking theme that, but I don’t really like their multi-colored links. I like everyone else here, also noticed they don’t use pretty permalinks :p, that would have been nicer.