Working Browser Sync

Google Browser Sync doesn’t suck anymore. In fact, it works great, just like you would expect a Google product to. I’ve replaced Foxmarks with it.

13 thoughts on “Working Browser Sync

  1. At some point foxmarks sorta stopped working for me, the sync never seemed to line up right.

    What’s most neat about Google browser sync to me is that in addition to bookmarks, it can optionally synchronize cookies, saved passwords, even open tabs. The cookies and saved passwords are super-useful to me.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I use it for two computers and it works nice, too bad there is’nt a way to get it to work with my Windows phone though, that would be nice.

  3. Has Google updated it or is this just the first time you started using it? I used it before Foxmarks and noticed it far too often. That is what I like about foxmarks. It works and I don’t notice it.

  4. I’ve been having some serious problems with it so I stopped using it. It wouldn’t sync my bookmarks right at all. I might try it again though after hearing this.

  5. I first started using it on the day of the extension’s release. At the time, I couldn’t download it from within Australia, because the Australian Google mirrors hadn’t been updated with the new file. I think I must have used Tor or something to get it.

    I think the reason most people dropped it in favour of other extensions like Foxmarks was that every time you started Firefox it would delay for sometimes up to 15 seconds by synchronising with Google. I worked around this by using a program I had previously used called ‘Firefox Preloader‘.

    Additionally, it was quite glitchy. You couldn’t even run two Firefoxes on different computers at the same time without one disconnecting from Google Browser Sync. Only one could be connected at the same time. Sometimes, when you would close the browser, it would hang forever on the ‘Uploading’ dialog.

    Now, they seem to have resolved most of the annoying parts of it. It will now connect to Google Browser Sync in the background, after your browser has loaded. Also, you can have a few browsers running simultaneously connected to GBS.

    The only outstanding bug that hits me is that occasionally the browser still hangs on the ‘Uploading’ dialog, but that’s really rare.

    In the long run, I’m glad that I stuck with this particular extension through the hard times, as it’s pretty rewarding now.

  6. I ditched GBS about two months ago, because it swallowed and eliminated a very important directory structure for me. When I tried recovering them on a different install, the GBS started eating my bookmarks from the bad preferences.

    I hope it is fixed, it was a great way to have the functionality of a Flock without all of the other buggy stuff.

    If worse comes to worse, I will eventually just ditch it all for Portable Firefox — although I will have to live without a bunch of my favorite extensions. (Keeping fingers crossed that Matt is right…)

  7. Hmm, think I’ll just stick with Foxmarks. It works perfectly for me and syncing cookies and whatnot is not important to me.