Advertising and Blogs

Podcast #2 is up, broadly about advertising and blogs. 2:30. The quality is still awful, I might still sound like a chipmunk if you play it in flash, but thanks for all the great suggestions on the post from yesterday, I’ll be trying them out over the next few days.

13 thoughts on “Advertising and Blogs

  1. Wow! Great turn around time on #2.

    You bring up a great point about blogs that can really be translated to podcasting as well. Demographics can be applied, but we’re already hitting that niche. The content we provide is focused for those who share the same interests. It’s a very forward thinking concept that not a lot of marketers understand, still relying on radio and TV models that formed through broadcasting, “broad” being the major word.

  2. Matt, same here with #1 and #2 – chipmunk-sound. Seems to be an encoding problem. Probably using MP3Pro? I also had problems with this codec.

    I tried to play with the google-reader embedded flashplayer and download + winamp and windows media player.

  3. “True blogs are really like an anti-demographic.”

    Was that an idle musing or a considered opinion? It doesn’t matter. You can stop podcasting now, you’ve just jumped the shark.

  4. The chipmunk effect is a Flash bug (I guess). Seems like Flash doesn’t know how to play mp3 files if the sample rate isn’t 11025 (Mhz?) or a multiple of that. So 11025, 22050, 44100 all work, in between they don’t.