Automattic is Hiring

Automattic is now accepting applications for two positions, one development and the other systems. For me it’s a dream job because I get to work with the smartest group of people I’ve ever met. Who knows — it might be a good fit for a reader.

11 thoughts on “Automattic is Hiring

  1. Argh. Not that I’d apply but clean URIs are *coughs* evil. I’ve been trying for several days to get them to work and I just can’t. Even ALA can’t help me! šŸ™‚

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  3. Following the link I ended up reading the “How we work” page and found that “We coordinate about 95% of our projects on a private IRC channel, which is archived and searchable”.

    We are also a virtual team, but we do most of our work via IM, but IRC seems very interesting. How do you manage to have it archived and searchable?


  4. Nice! Working on WordPress full time AND getting paid for it. That is where Indians go when they die – happy coding grounds šŸ™‚ This announcement is too early, or maybe I should just quit my Ph.D. and dive right in šŸ˜‰