8 thoughts on “Podcast: EVDO

  1. I do it on a pretty regular basis. Treo 700p with Verizon EVDO. Works over Bluetooth or USB cable. OS X, though.

    I was actually at a hotel over the weekend and I was getting about 500kbps over the hotel’s WiFi connection. Switched over to use the EVDO connection through the Treo and was getting 1200kbps. Over Bluetooth is maxes out at 600kbps or so, due to Bluetooth limitations. And if I don’t have my laptop, I can still do a large percentage of stuff (IRC, Gmail, web, SSH, Google Maps) right on the Treo with that same great connection. Verizon just in the last 6-9 months rolled out a LOT more EVDO coverage in Florida, so it’s pretty nice. And even the fallback 1xRTT connection is in the 120kbps range… so more bearable than dialup. I do my work on a laptop (even at home), so when the power goes out in a thunderstorm I just switch over to the EVDO and keep on truckin’.

  2. and the hits keep on coming. Being that I work at Best Buy in the wireless department I spend much time with broadband cards and I have to say the new express card with Verizon is a pain to set up on brand new Vista notebooks. We tried setting up two this past week and both failed miserably. Verizon CS was no help and even though the area of Nashville our store is in says we are in the broadband network, the card only recognizes the slower 2G network. I’d say you made a good choice going with Sprint. Cheaper than Verizon and Cingular plus they seem to have better coverage nationwide.

  3. Yup, audio quality, ugh… suggest you get a better mike, and most of all place yourself where you dont have rever-rever-reverberation ! Thanks for everything!

  4. I know a ‘good’ mic is costly, but what is the best microphone for podcasting that you can find at a local store? Like a BestBuy or equivalent?

  5. I’ve only used mics from my ham radio station (thus my lust for Heil mics). But I have used Plantronic & Logitech headsets with good results. I just picked up a Plantronics (can’t recall the model number) for $30 and it’s builtin mic does a good job.