Curt Schilling

For those of you who hadn’t heard yet, Curt Schilling has an awesome WordPress blog. He’s a star pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, if you haven’t heard of him check out his Wikipedia page. He’s hosted on VIP Hosting, which we had to raise the price on a few months ago due to demand.

13 thoughts on “Curt Schilling

  1. Good to hear. Any NY Yankees players using WordPress? They’re on track to lose the 2nd of 3 games to the Sox this weekend. 🙁

  2. More useless trivia: The #1 most popular blog in Sweden, (28.000 unique visitors per day), is also built on WordPress. It used to be a TypePad blog, until I was invited into the project to make a new CSS design for the blog.

    I ended up re-building the entire site in for WordPress, a very exciting project! We wanted to put it on as a VIP hosted site, but I guess didn’t want us around so we had to buy our own gear and do it ourselves! 🙂

    If you want to know more about interesting WP-users in Sweden, just ask and I’ll share a few more stories.

  3. My stomach just turned. I was cleaning out some old boxes, and found an autograph of him, on a photo from when he was a Phillies player. I showed it to my mom, who said “throw it out, he’s a nobody” – which is probably true for many of the people who play for the Phillies, LOL. Truth is, we don’t have a good baseball team.

    I should note at this point, that both my mom and I know next to nothing about baseball. 😉

    Oof. I wish I hadn’t thrown that out.

  4. Over the weeks I have read some of his posts, and he is a very modest and thoughtful person. He also seems to take a lot of time to interact with his readers. He is not the cliche celebrity athlete at all. I am very impressed!