Delaying 2.2

The WP dev team has decided to hold back version 2.2 for at least a week or two from the original date of April 23 while we polish things up. I’ll post an updated release date as soon as we figure out how long everything is going to take. (Which is extra-hard in open source development.)

48 thoughts on “Delaying 2.2

  1. As far as phpBB is concerned, as far as free bulletin board programs are concerned, I prefer MyBB. Much, much better. Give it a try and see.


    P.S. I can survive an extra week for WordPress 2.2 and four months for Mac OS X Leopard 🙂

  2. I prefer Simple Machines (SMF) as open-source bulletin board software; it`s just great.

    One or Two weeks.. no problem 🙂 Looking forward to it but take your time.

  3. I didn’t even know there was a 2.0 release. I just upgrade as the new stuff comes out. I’m looking foward to seeing what will be cool. Thanks for all your hard work…

  4. Good call. I was following the discussion on wp-hackers and got the feeling things were going in the wrong direction. I’m still confused about the whole links/categories decision, so I’m glad the time is being taken to do things right.

    Don’t get too caught up in the “release early, release often” hype. It’s a good idea, but you’re allowed to stray from the path for the good of the product occasionally.