Why is Virtually Spam Free

PlagiarismToday » Why is Virtually Spam Free. I wouldn’t ever suggest there are no splogs on, I’m sure some have slipped through the cracks, but we do take the issue very seriously with both of proactive and reactive measures.

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Like I said, I few did slip through but were dealt with by all accounts. I’m sure a few have slipped through too, that’s why I say “virtually”.

However, once you look at the numbers, it’s clear that you are nowhere near as buried as, say, Blogspot or the other services out there.

That’s a huge achievement all things considered worthy of whatever praise I might heap upon it!

I’m glad you guys are very serious in fighting spam. Recently its been getting annoying though, I had one or 2 spam comments passing through akismet. Nonetheless, I’m really happy that akismet exists because I sorta get 20-30 spam comments a day. More power to you guys!

Nice write-up.

I think it’s pretty awesome how handles the splogs. When I came across one, I reported it and literally within an hour someone e-mailed me personally to thank me for reporting it. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Keep up the great work!

I highly recommend using Worst Offenders in conjunction with Akismet – makes it easy to bulk delete the obvious spam comments, leaving a manageable number to review for mistakes.

That’s funny Jonathan, although on mine it just says “Why is virtually”

I noticed the article at mentions that Google Adsense is banned from I agree that would probably tend to reduce the amount of spam beause people would be posting junk just to get some content.

I’m surprised that the article doesn’t come right out and indicate the difference between a hosted blog and It hints at it, but doesn’t come right out and say the difference.

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