New Sphere

Sphere, which I’m an adviser to, has just re-aligned. What do you think? Update: They also have a WordPress plugin.

12 thoughts on “New Sphere

  1. I’m not really digging it. Plus, the left alignment makes for a big, distracting chunk of blue to the right if you have a large monitor.

  2. I like the way the HP shows off what Sphere can do by integrating related content from blogs or news sites.

    The widget is slick but it would be much more attractive to bloggers if it integrated content from around the web *and* content from their own site. That wouldn’t work in my case though- for some reason Sphere isn’t finding my site although I have seen the bot in my logs, a search finds content on one of the aggregators catching my RSS.

  3. Hmm…hate to say it, but if feels like a generic parked domain landing page. The service itself is great though.

  4. Following upon your post, I tried it. The window appeared with good stuff, but then would not go away and there seemed no way to make it go away, so I deactivated the plug-in.

    A similar Yahoo product is much better mannered.

  5. As Henry mentioned, on a big monitor (I have a 24″ iMac) the design simply falls apart. At the very least, center the layout.

    Compared to the previous iteration, I don’t even know what Sphere does or represents without clicking on the About link. Are they a news source? They used to be a search engine. Confusing.

  6. It’s a search engine? The term search isn’t used at all on their about page, just vague jargon. The page answers “who” and “where,” but not “what,” as far as I can tell…