WordCamp Update

I’ve put a placeholder for the WordCamp 2007 site. The location will be the same as last year, the main change is there may be a nominal registration fee.

7 thoughts on “WordCamp Update

  1. Doh! Hold one in NY!!! I’m moving to NYC at the end of this month and can’t wait to get in on the action for WordPress over there.

    Matt, are you going to be having any meetups soon in NY? I’d love to be able to meet you still…

  2. Ah bummer….hopefully sooner than later I’ll see you out there.

    Do you make it out to any SES events? I’ll be starting to attend those with my company that I’m starting to work for next month.

  3. The registration fee somewhat solves the issue of space. You’ll get fewer people wandering in because they were bored, or for the free food. The result should be a more interested set of attendees. Even if a company was willing to sponsor the event enough to cover your costs, I’d recommend keeping the fee (or turning down the sponsorship). $10-$30 isn’t going to break any banks, and it’ll make for a better conference.

  4. The last year I was attending the WordCamp (wow) thanks to one trick: It was very near to WWDC dates ! I was the only people from Latinamerica (Ecuador). This year is very hard to me. My suggestion to 2008 (the same trick): To arrange the dates near to WWDC 2008 😉 Anyway, my best wishes for all the people at WordCamp.