“So, PostieCon (a conference sponsored by PayPerPost) was among the most controversial things I’ve ever done. People really hated that I was speaking there. I got constant crap from my friends and foes alike because of my decision to speak there. But, it turned out they didn’t have enough attendees so they postponed it to November.” — Robert Scoble

7 thoughts on “Postiecon

  1. why would people be upset that you’re speaking there? especially since you have a lot to do with the platform most posties use. that’s odd.

  2. Hey, this is Ashley from PayPerPost. Just wanted to share some information, if you’re interested.

    1. The event was not necessarily postponed so much as repositioned. Just a change in date & location. The opportunity to maximize exposure by coinciding with Blog World Expo was a no-brainer! It’s actually working-out quite well, and there seems to be an even greater response by attendees and speakers alike, than there was before. Registration opens on May 15th and I’m sure slots will fill-up quickly.

    2. Neither speakers nor attendess were getting paid to come to PostieCon. They were all coming on their own accord, because of their passion for blogging, and enthusiasm for the event.

    Hope this helps to answer some of your questions!

  3. Umm… None of the speakers were getting paid to go to PostieCon? That trickster Scoble must have been pulling our leg when he wrote that “‘PayPerSpeech’ disclosure” article back on Feb 2.

    Oh, I guess Scoble turning the speaker fee down after talking it over with his employer makes the bit about no one getting paid true. Nevermind.