WordPress Stats

On Saturday night (because that’s how we roll) we launched WordPress.com stats plugin for WordPress.org bloggers, and it’s gone incredibly well so far. We’re coming up on our first full weekday since launch, it’s running on 2,750 blogs already and tracked about a million 1.3 million pageviews today. A few bugs popped up, of course, but that’s life in software.

16 thoughts on “WordPress Stats

  1. sheesh finally! This was some pretty big WP news and I was wondering when you’d mention it! hehe. Oh no, I just realized I might be a little too addicted to my feed reader.

  2. I, for one, am liking it. Takes a huge load off my site and serves up some interesting figures. I have to say, though, that it’s tracked the lowest numbers of all stats plugins I’ve tried so far. Still not really sure how these things work.

  3. Loving the new plugin Matt. It’s nice being able to use the same metrics on my self hosted blog as I use on wordpress.com. Although, I rarely use my wordpress.com blog anymore, I still got very used to the stats system when I was making heavy use of it.

  4. The stats are really nice and a good add-on to Google Analytics. Well done!
    One comment though: my theme has a background image that goes all the way to the sites bottom. The smiley (even with the CSS suggested in the plugin FAQ) adds a blank line below all my pages. My solution was to change the hook to wp_meta and move this hook to the bottom of the theme’s meta list. Maybe you can rethink the integration technique.

  5. Matt, I think it’s great that things like this are being offered to users of WordPress (as opposed to WordPress.com) – Akismet alone shows that such plugins are often valued. However I question the privacy implications of using an invisible ‘web bug’ to obtain the stats.

    Besides that, anyone whose hosting package is so limited that it doesn’t include a more detailed stats system than this (e.g. the _free_ AWstats) should probably switch hosts anyway.

  6. I downloaded and installed the plugin just yesterday and it worked smoothly for me. One downside though is that it doesn’t display the countries most visitors are coming from – unlike Google Analytics or other website traffic statistics software.

  7. matt, thanks for the news. Honestly would have missed this news until I saw your posting. Its great that wordpress keeps developing things that help support the community. Interesting its out right about the same time as that technorat blog tracker!