Google Apps IMAP

Google apps now supports importing mail from IMAP, which means for me it just got 1000x more interesting. I have a Gmail account I use purely for archival but I only started a few months ago and so I often just resort to grep for searching the years of archives before that.

13 thoughts on “Google Apps IMAP

  1. Wow, I’m excited about this! IMAP was one of the things I’d hoped was supported under G(oogle)Mail when it launched, but sadly wasn’t.

    Off to check it out now… *dance*

  2. Yep, but it doesn’t support IMAP itself. I use the apps as well as convincing the president of my company to take the plunge. They also added all the content to the start pages that used to be only available to the main iGoogle pages.

  3. with a subject like that I thought that they were letting you access their email via imap, which is what would have made it 1000x more interesting for me.

    but, grep, eh? I cringe at the thought of “it’ll be easy, just try regular expressions…”


  4. Are you sure about them supporting imap? From what I’m reading, it’s just IMAP migration from a previous email provider to google apps.

  5. I have actually starting moving away from Google services. I’m becoming a little more paranoid about who owns my data.

    I want to own my data and no one else.

  6. Jonathan:

    Unless you are the only one who has physical access to where your data is stored, you are not the only one who owns your data.

    Anything you pass over the internet may as well be passed around to everyone, unless you use secure (2048bit+) encryption.

    That’s why I never do anything I would consider “truly important” via email or the web.