Web Storage Sites

Web storage sites loom as next big thing says CNET… in 1999.

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That’s funny. I remember the excitement of the 3G Winamp locker and the (I think it was) 20MB X-Drive for free. I also remember when it went away (at least for free). And now, its WordPress and Facebook. Who’da thunkit?

I don’t know if its the “next big thing” but it certainly could be. I just zip up my pictures and files I dont want to lose and upload them to my web host. It’s a good way to protect all those movies and files and pictures if a fire or whatever should destroy my computer.

Heh. I remember those. Xdrive and the like. Used almost exclusively for warez, which is presumably why they never went anywhere.

…wow, come to think of it, I remember getting annoyed when one of them wouldn’t work with my preferred browser at the time. Netscape 4. Did we actually have computers back then?

– Chris

I don’t think anyone likes a thin client so why did CNET think web storage would fly? They are under pressure I guess like any publisher to print something.

Agreed about X-Drive! 😀 I remember thinking ‘WOW, 20mbs online!’ being a big deal at the time.There were a few I used at the time, and then suddenly they all started becoming fee-based(or disappearing)

Box.NET is my favorite… It’s a little more than some places, but has a free 1gb trial and is LOADED with features!

It’s very easy to use and has multiple interfaces to manage your files (Flash Widget, browser, etc). I think they are even testing WebDAV access to it, and hopefully it’ll be faster than .Mac’s WebDAV capabilities, which I remember (when I used it 2 years ago) was dirt slow.