Megatrondon, iPhone AIM Client

Just Blaze, hip-hop producer and WordPress user, has reviewed the iPhone. Includes a video of an AIM client at the end, is that ebuddy?

6 thoughts on “Megatrondon, iPhone AIM Client

  1. Trillian is what I’ve used at home for years – they’re good people, and very responsive whenever there’s an issue. If I had an iPhone, I would try them out.

    For about 5 years, I’ve wished for them to get a web based client – along the lines of AIM Express. Yahoo almost made it a moot point with the integration of the mail program with chat…but I still miss Trillian’s ability to combine them all.

  2. The only one that has been working, up and running, since iPhone launch day is heysan! Supports AIM, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk and Yahoo. In your iPhone, go to