Tantek Çelik is leaving Technorati, no word on his blog about the move yet. This is surprising, to say the least. Excited to see what he moves to next.

9 thoughts on “Norati

  1. The title is because I always considered Tantek the “Tek” in Technorati.

    When I read the title, I thought Technorati has gone back to paper and pencil. Pinging by snailmail, yay!

  2. Tantek definitely should put “I put the TEK in TEKnorati!” on his resume.

    WIll be curious to see what he’s up to next, but I think the timing will serve all three ‘rati departees well. Certainly enough work to go around…!

  3. I see three people (Tantek, Adam Hertz, Liz Dunn) leaving all on the same day. You have to wonder why? Its just to kind of weird three people same day. When they say they only have 45 people on staff and three key people leave thats alot of knowledge walking out the door.